The energy industry generates strong returns — but typical oil and gas investments can be volatile, with high costs and risks. As a premier, non-operated oil and gas exploration and production company, Granite Ridge gives investors a new choice in energy investment that diminishes risk, diversifies assets, protects capital, and provides quarterly dividends.
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Why Granite Ridge?

We create unique value in three key ways:

Publicly Traded Private Equity

Granite Ridge invests in a diversified portfolio of production and top-tier acreage across the Permian Basin and four other prolific U.S. basins, in partnership with proven operators. Rather than focusing on drilling and operations, our job is to reinvest in attractive risk-adjusted returns. Compared to private equity investments, we offer daily liquidity and greater investor alignment.

Tighten the Band of Outcomes in Oil & Gas Investing Through High Diversification, Low Leverage and Disciplined Underwriting

Most oil and gas investment opportunities are high-risk, with a broad range of outcomes — many of which are out of the operator’s control. Granite Ridge invests in a diverse range of companies, both public and private, taking a smaller ownership in a larger number of wells, and leaving operations to our operator partners. We also invest in diverse geographical regions with different state regulatory environments, a range of hydrocarbons, and over 80 different operators. Our diverse strategy, disciplined investment underwriting and low leverage enable us to tighten outcomes and provide an asymmetrical upside risk.

Non-Op – A Better Way to Invest in Oil & Gas

Granite Ridge investors gain access to the entire upstream universe, with the ability to pivot quickly. We leverage the technology of our partners for a scalable approach, and have the ability to adapt quickly to technological advances, hydrocarbon pricing, cost trends, new plays, and other changes. Non-operated interests can also be sold, promoted or purchased quickly, enabling expansive divisibility and opportunistic growth.

Our portfolio
Our strong, diversified portfolio is key to our business strategy.

Granite Ridge Resources owns wells and top-tier acreage across the Permian basin as well as four additional prolific and unconventional basins across the United States. Rather than drilling wells ourselves, we choose to increase asset diversity and decrease overhead by investing in a smaller portion of a larger number of high-graded wells, drilled by proven public and private operators. This allows us to build a portfolio of upstream oil and gas assets that is highly diversified in terms of geography, geology, hydrocarbon mix, and operator.

Investor resources
Investing in Granite Ridge offers reduced risk, increased diversity, accelerated development and stronger shareholder returns. Our conservative balance sheet enables flexibility, while our expansive asset base provides access to high quality inventory owned by public and private operators in top-producing regions.

Committed to
ESG Stewardship

Sustainability is key to our corporate philosophy. As a non-operator, we seek to partner with operators that follow leading environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. Our Board of Directors oversees our own ESG initiatives and ensures that we comply at all times with ethical business practices.

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Entrepreneurial Energy

Join our team of talented professionals as we transform energy investment and create value for our shareholders. Every member of our team makes an important impact on our success at Granite Ridge, and we are committed to supporting their success as well.

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