About Granite

Granite Ridge Resources is a premier, non-operated oil and gas exploration and production company with a diversified portfolio of production and top-tier acreage in partnership with proven operators across five leading basins: Permian, Eagle Ford, Bakken, Haynesville and DJ Basin.

We are a hybrid between an oil and gas company (based on our assets) and a private equity firm (based on our investment approach). Our objective is to tighten the band of outcomes in oil and gas investing, and to generate asymmetric upside through high diversification. As a non-operated oil and gas investment company, we focus on creating value through diverse investment, while avoiding the high overhead of traditional oil and gas operators. We are also able to provide greater investor alignment and daily liquidity compared to traditional private equity firms.

Our scalable platform is poised to consolidate the fragmented non-operated market, and our management team is well aligned with public shareholders. By reducing risk and creating value, the Company is focused on generating growth and shareholder returns.


Our Strategic Priorities provide exceptional value to our shareholders, and set our company apart:

Conservative Balance Sheet

We target leverage of less than 0.5x for normal course, and ~1.0x in the event of a strategic transaction.

Be a Good Partner

We build relationships across multiple disciplines and actively seek creative opportunities to be a value-added partner.

Mitigate Price Risk

We maintain a hedging program that protects our balance sheet, and pursue diversification to mitigate price swings specific to any particular area.

Leverage Data

We continuously invest in both human and financial capital, to develop systems that help us make better investment decisions faster.

Empower People

We employ case-based recruiting to identify talent with the ability to do the job and the initiative to make a positive impact.

Source Deals Directly

We often find higher risk-adjusted returns from aggregating small deals rather than buying large marketed packages.

Return Capital to Stockholders

The ability to return capital to stockholders is the cornerstone of a sustainable, resilient business. We demonstrate our commitment to this priority through quarterly dividends and opportunistic buybacks.

Experienced Leadership
Our Management Team and Board of Directors bring deep experience in the oil and gas industry, including private and public investments.
Non-Operational Investment

A Better Way to Invest in Oil & Gas

As a non-operational oil and gas investor, Granite Ridge Resources owns interests in multiple oil and gas properties, but does not directly participate in actual operation of wells or properties. This allows us to invest in a larger number of wells than would otherwise be available to us, with decreased risk. We own an interest in over 2,350 wells across five basins: Permian, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, DJ and Bakken.

Our diversified approach enables accelerated development, as we are able to invest in high-quality near-term drilling, rather than long-dated inventory. Our model is also highly scalable, with a cost structure that is largely fixed, as production growth offsets minimal increases in overhead.

Conservative Balance Sheet

Granite Ridge Resources maintains a conservative balance sheet. We elect to participate in properties on a well-by-well basis, providing greater control of capital, as we are not locked into long-term contracts or drilling obligations common to operators. The Company is prepared for volatility and is not forced to hedge at low prices. This allows for counter-cyclical investment opportunities.

Access to Private Operators

Significant high-quality inventory is often in the hands of private operators, particularly in the Permian Basin. Investing in Granite Ridge broadens investors’ exposure, giving them access to these private operators, including Blue Chip partners.

Total Shareholder Returns

We seek to return capital to our shareholders in several ways, including fixed dividends, stock buybacks, responsible asset growth and active development. Our model is highly scalable, with a fixed cost structure that offsets overhead increases through production growth. We are also careful to invest without flooding the market. Increasing production on Granite Ridge owned properties does not necessarily grow U.S. production — rather, it increases the value of our share in production.